Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What makes this product line different?
A - The Max Amino-Nutrient Complex™ is what sets this product line apart from all others. This exclusive blend helps to naturally optimize collagen, protect moisture and raise hydration levels, increase and enhance elasticity and protect skin against free radicals.* This blend is included in every one of our products and is backed by independent user group and clinical studies.

Q - Is the Max Amino-Nutrient Complex™ exclusive to Max?
A - Yes, this is an exclusive blend developed for and formulated for Max. No other skin care line has this combination.

Q - What is the base ingredient of this product line?
A - The base ingredient is a special patented form of Aloe Vera. It promotes healthy recovery and renewal of the skin as well as helps regulate the pH of your skin to help keep it healthy. It is important to note that many other products use water as the base ingredient which is not nearly as effective in delivering the nutrients to the skin.

Q - How much of the One Minute Wonder™ do I apply?
A - Apply a light layer of the product, enough to cover the surface. Think about frosting a cake; spread the product on lightly without rubbing it into the skin.

Q - If I use a quarter-sized amount of One Minute Wonder 3 times a week how long should it last?
A - The One Minute Wonder should last 60-90 days when used as directed. You will find that after you learn how to use it, you will need less product then you initially use. The key to using it effectively is making sure you begin to rub in small circles after approximately 40-60 seconds of applying it. If you wait too long (2-4 minutes) before rubbing, it will not work properly as an exfoliator.

Q - How does the One Minute Wonder liquefy on my skin?
A - The pH of your skin is what actually causes the product to change texture. Visible Solutions helps to regulate the pH level of your skin to achieve a healthy, hydrated glow.

Q - How do I know when the One Minute Wonder is ready to be rubbed off?
A - After applying the product, allow it to sit on the skin for roughly 40-60 seconds. You will notice that it goes from a tacky looking texture to a more liquefied or watery look. Begin to rub in a circular motion, if product does not instantly start to ball up stop and wait 10 seconds and then begin again.

Q - What is actually balling up on my skin when I use the One Minute Wonder?
A - The One Minute Wonder is a gel exfoliator that gently exfoliates without being abrasive. When you gently rub in a circular motion the gel is gently picking up the dead skin cells, dirt, oil and the debris that is sitting on the surface of your skin.

Q - How often should I use the One Minute Wonder?
A - We recommend you use it at least 3 times a week or more if desired. Because our bodies are constantly pushing dead skin cells to the surface, it is essential to make sure that we are continually removing the dead skin, dirt and debris. This allows fresh, new skin to come to the surface more readily while at the same time hydrating the skin, minimizing pore size and evening skin tone and texture.*

Q - Where does the pink color in the One Minute Wonder come from?
A - Since our products are free of any artificial fragrances or coloring, the vibrant pink color you see in the One Minute Wonder comes from the well-known vitamin B-12.

Q - What would happen if I left the One Minute Wonder in the sun or out in the cold-would it become less effective or ruined?
A - This product is affected by cold temperatures. It should be kept at ambient (room) temperature when possible. Heat will not affect it as much as extreme cold, but if you expose it to sustained and extreme cold, allow it to return to room temperature before using (when it turns back into a gel). It should be stored in an area no colder than 40°F (5°C).

Q - How long can the lid stay off the One Minute Wonder before it becomes ruined?
A - The lid should be placed back on the product immediately after use because it is moisture sensitive. Do not leave the lid off for more than a few minutes during each use.

Q - Can I just use the One Minute Wonder first instead of a cleanser since it claims to remove all the dirt, dead skin and debris anyways?
A - Yes. You may find that when you use it in the morning that it is not necessary to cleanse before you use it. We suggest using it on clean skin because if you have moisturizer or treatments on your skin it may affect the degree of exfoliation.

Q - Why isn't a cleanser and toner part of the package? Aren't those essential to most skin care lines?
A - Cleansers are a very important step of any skin care regimen and we recommend that you use your favorite cleanser together with Visible Solutions. Visible Solutions focuses on providing powerful anti-aging products that will have a dramatic effect on your skin.

Q - Will the cleanser/ toner I use affect my results with Visible Solutions?
A - No, a cleanser will not change or hinder your results with Visible Solutions no matter what shape your skin is in. However, we do suggest a gentle cleanser that is free of sulfates (sulfates strip the skin of the good oils). Also, avoid using a cleanser/toner that has a high pH (alkaline) which can also remove necessary oils from the skin and leave it tight, pulled and dried out.

Q - If I use my own exfoliating cleanser does it make the One Minute Wonder™ less effective? If I use both is that exfoliating too much?
A - No, what makes the One Minute Wonder unique is that it is a "smart" exfoliator. It will only remove the dead layer of skin cells and does not touch the healthy living cells. You cannot over-exfoliate with this product. You will find that at times your skin will exfoliate more than at other times.

Q - I have always used a toner, how should I incorporate this into the Visible Solutions skin care system?
A - The purpose of a toner is to bring the pH of your skin down to a normal range after cleansing. Many are made with drying ingredients that do not provide a good environment for the rest of your skin care products. If you have a toner you like, make sure it is gentle, does not dry your skin and is not made with alcohol. You can use your toner before you begin your regimen starting with the Youth Recovery Serum™.

Q - Will Max be coming out with a Visible Solutions cleanser or toner?
A - The potential is there to add a cleanser/toner to the product line in the future, but there are no concrete plans at this point.

Q - Can I incorporate some of my favorite products in with this system or will it cause the products to be less effective?
A - Yes, you can add your own products. Acne treatments such as Retin A can be used with this system. If you are using a Retinoid treatment, you should wait approximately 20 minutes between the Retinoid application and the rest of the regimen. There is a glycolic blend in the Skin Brightening Mousse™ so you may want to avoid using another glycolic product (also referred to as AHA)** during the day when you use it.

Q - Does it really matter what order you use the products in? Why?
A - Traditionally in skin care treatments you should apply serums before creams so the oils in the moisture do not slow down or block penetration into the skin. Serums are very concentrated and made to penetrate quickly so those usually are applied first. The moisturizing products have natural emollients and penetrate slower so those are usually applied after a serum. The order that you use the products is not as important as simply using them consistently.

Q - I don't really like the feel of the Youth Recovery Serum™. If I take that step out will it make the other products less effective?
A - The Youth Recovery Serum is a very powerful anti-aging product and not using it will diminish the results you see with the entire system. If it feels too heavy or tacky, you may be using too much. Try cutting back on the amount you are applying.

Q - I heard it's essential to use a sun block when using any product that contains AHAs--is that true? What do you recommend?
A - We suggest using a sunscreen every day. Use a broad spectrum sunscreen that gives you both UVA and UVB protection. UVA rays are the aging rays (gives you brown spots) and UVB rays burn the skin. We suggest using at least SPF 25 each day.

Q - Is there any sunscreen in the product line?
A - No. A sunscreen over 15 SPF (outdoor protection) requires adding Zinc to the ingredients. Zinc changes the consistency of the product and gives it a heavier feel and may cause issues for people with sensitive skin. Not having sunscreen in the products allows users of all skin types to get the visible results they want by using the product line. We encourage you to apply your own sunscreen if desired.

Q - Are there any skin disorders that Visible Solutions would worsen or not be good for? What are the Conditions? What effect will it have on those conditions?
A - We cannot make any medical claims regarding the ability of Visible Solutions to treat skin disorders. The ingredients in the products will help balance skin and keep pores clean-when you do that you have a lower tendency to produce oil and bacteria. This may help those who have acne-prone skin. The natural hydrators and soothing Aloe are calming and can help to soothe the skin of those who are prone to Rosacea. The Visible Solutions formulas have been tested vigorously and do not affect skin in a negative way.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

** Sunburn Alert: This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.